We undertake Annual Maintenance Contract for your complete electrical system including Power & Distribution Transformers, HT/LT Panels, Bus Duct, and Earthing. Periodic maintenance is required for trouble free operations and uninterrupted supply of power.  Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual, Annual visits are planned by our service engineers depending on the services availed by the customers. Also if any faults or major breakdown are observed we provide immediate assistance ensuring zero breakdown.

Benefits Of AMC For Transformers

  1. Increases the life of your Electrical system
  2. Better Returns on Investment
  3. Prevention from Sudden Breakdown
  4. Cost-effective
    • In case of damage, repair cost or maintenance cost is very less than the cost of a new Equipment
    • Regular maintenance of Equipment will ensure no major damage occurs for a longer period.
  5. Healthy life of your Sub Station
    • Your Electrical Substation is a major and costly part of any electrical transmission and distribution system.
    • A healthy transformer can assure a healthy electrical system
  6. Optimum performance by your Electrical equipment

Basic Maintenance Scope

(A) Visual and Mechanical Inspection:

  • Inspect physical conditions for oil leakages, oil level, repair of leakage if any.
  • Inspection for electrical connection tightness, grounding Etc.
  • Inspection for Cracks & Dust in Bushing, Gasketted Joints, Bushing Replacement, Replacement of Gasket
  • Electrical Inspection for transformer loading, continuity, inspection for tightness of earth connection in pits.
  • Inspection for proper operation of radiator valves, drain valves Etc.
  • Thoroughly wipe down, vacuum, and dust transformer.
  • Check for air passages are clear. Check for color of active agent in Silicagel Breather.
  • Analysis of Insulating oil for electrical strength, oil filtration and oil replacement is required.
  • Painting of transformer if required.
  • Checking & Testing of Protective Gear like WTI, OTI, Buchholz Relay, MOLG Etc.

(B) Electrical Tests Performed on transformers:

  • Resistance testing through bolted connections
  • Insulation-resistance tests, winding to winding, and each winding to ground..
  • Turns-ratio tests at all tap positions
  • Verification for BDV of Insulating Oil.
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis of transformer oil.