Equipment Repairs and Upgrades

  • Transformer repairs has been part of the business for more than 21 years, this is our guarantee of a fast quality service.
  • AEI has vast experience in any substation electrical equipment repair and/or modification you may need. A common requirement for most transformer owners and operators is for Load Tap Changer (LTC) Maintenance, Upgrading & Retrofitting. Our skilled, Service Centre trained technicians have performed routine maintenance, upgrading and retrofitting thousands of LTC’s from every make and model.
  • As transformers age, the original gasket material deteriorates and leaks can become visible at gauges, valves, radiator flanges, access covers and bushings. If your transformer will no longer hold positive pressure or if you are constantly changing nitrogen bottles you may have faulty gaskets on your unit. Applying Epoxy to certain leaks can help for a while but ultimately the best way to repair a leaking unit is to replace all the gaskets with modern material such as Buna-Nitrile and Viton depending on the application. AEI has regasketed thousands of transformers from every make, vintage and manufacturer.
  • AEI can bring any needed parts to your site to be able to handle any needed repairs, upgrades or replacement of your LTC or gaskets.
  • A full design service enables us to up-grade equipment to take account of modern superior insulation systems.
  • Silica gel supply and replace (environmental friendly) along with silica gel breathers.
  • On load and off load tap changer servicing.
  • Complete oil changes carried out together with oil leak transformer repair on site along with any transformer gasket changes.