AMC Coverage

AMC Coverage

Transformer is the most expensive & the most critical asset in the electrical system. It becomes very important to get the Transformer Routinely Serviced by the Specialists. For a Trouble-Free Operation & Uninterrupted Power Supply, We Recommend the user for the AMC services.

The AMC plans are Tailor-Made after Identifying & Accessing the User's need. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual Service Visits are planned to Identify all the Weak Areas and Rectify them before the problem becomes a Catastrophic Failure Resulting in Heavy Losses.

With over Two & A Half Decades of experience in O&M of Transformers. The user can stay assured that our recommendations are reliable and our services are unmatched.

Benefits Of Amc For Transformers :

  • Increases the life of your Transformer
  • Better Returns on Investment. (The AMC Cost comes out to be less than 1% of the Transformer's cost).
  • Cost-effective In case there's damage, repairing cost will be very less than the cost of new Transformer Regular maintenance of Equipment will ensure no major damage occurs for a longer period.
  • Healthy life of your Sub Station. Your Electrical Substation is a major and costly part of any Electrical transmission & distribution system. A healthy transformer can assure a healthy electrical system.
  • Optimum performance by your Electrical equipment.

Asians standard AMC plan :

Mechanical Checklist :
  • Transformer External Body Cleaning & Nut-Bolt Tightening.
  • Inspection for Oil Leakages. Re-Gasketing to stop Oil Leakage if any.
  • Inspection for Cracks in Bushing, Bushing Replacement if required.
  • Inspection of Oil Level both in Main Tank & OLTC Tank, topping up if required.
  • Inspection of radiator valves, drain valves, sample valves, etc for proper operation.
  • Check Ventilation for Indoor Transformer.
  • Check colour of Moisture Absorbent Silica Gel, Replace it if found Pink.
  • Checking of the accessories like Explosion Vent, Breather etc.
  • Check Radiators ventilation for proper cooling.
  • Inspection of OLTC.
  • Overhauling/Internal Cleaning of OLTC, remove sludge if found.
  • Observe all Contacts & Consumables in OLTC for Wear, Replace if signs of heavy Arcing or Pitting.
  • Filtration of Transformer & OLTC Oil, if required after oil analysis.
  • Painting of Transformer, If found Rusty.
Electrical Tests Performed on transformers :
  • Inspection & Testing of Earth Pits for Earth Resistance Values.
  • Checking & Testing of Protective Gear like WTI, OTI, Buchholz Relay, MOLG, OSR, PRV, Etc.
  • Performing Routine Tests on Transformer like IR value, PI, DAR, MBT, MCT, TTR, Voltage Ratio, Winding Resistance, Vector Group Etc.
  • Check the Auto Operation of OLTC.
  • Checking the Functioning of TPI, AVR Relay in RTCC Panel.
  • Analysis of Insulating oil for BDV, DGA & other 11 parameters, Oil Filtration or Replace Oil if results not compiling.
  • Thermal imaging of hotspots in transformer
  • Reporting Of any abnormality during operation
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Since 1996, Asian Electrotech Industries LLP has been serving the Indian Power Sector. With more than 25 years in the industry, AEIL has the technical expertise in erection, testing, commissioning & maintenance of electrical substation up to 66KV.

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