Thermography Audit

Thermography Audit

Thermography Testing for your Switchyard, Transformer, Electrical Panels by Asian Electrotech Industries LLP.

What is Thermography? :
  • Thermography is a loss prevention technique of analyzing the thermal characteristics of an object from its infrared image, captured through non-contact thermal imaging device.
  • We are able to see heat energy radiated by objects through infrared thermography.
How Thermography is Useful? :
  • Temperature is that the 1st noticeable parameter that indicates the operative electrical equipment's condition. Heat could be a by-product of all work whether or not is it electrical, mechanical or chemical.
  • We can detect the temperature of the object from the thermal energy emitted.
  • We can immediately detect an overheated wire in the mesh of wires and terminals, which is impossible to see with naked eyes through thermography.
  • We can minimize injury, liability, damage, catastrophic failures and downtime of the organization through thermography inspection. An effective condition monitoring maintenance strategy should include a thermography inspection annually.
What are Thermal Imaging Applications? :
  • In Switchyard : The sun radiations have the potential to increase the temperature, which result in failure of the system. Thermography survey is required to detect this.
  • For Transformers : We can detect the oil level, connection tightness and radiator convection cooling problems through Infrared imaging.
  • At the Electrical Panels : We can detect Inductive heating, hot busbar, overloaded circuit & many undesirable electrical situations through thermography.
  • For the Batteries : We can detect the individual faulty cells by measuring the temperature without contact through thermography.
Broadly the following can be observed :
  • Loose connections & terminations.
  • Oxidation at the cable termination points,
  • Dust particles at terminations,
  • Defective crimping of cable, overloaded or un balanced circuits,
  • Faulty breakers, damaged switches, faulty fuses and other hazardous electrical conditions.
  • Oxidation at the cable termination points,

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