Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical hazards continue to threaten human safety and Plant Assets in the form of Shocks, Burns, Injury, Fire and even Explosions. Having electricity become a core part of our life, electrical risks have to be managed effectively.

Electrical Safety Audit is a organised approach to evaluate potential electrical hazards and to advocate suggestions for improvement. The scope of our electrical safety inspection includes the review and identification of major electrical safety issues & to provide recommendations for remediation based on applicable standards specified by the AEI.

The Audit Scope :
  • Verification of Compliance with respect to Indian Electricity Rules/Central Electricity Authority/NFPA Guidelines.
  • Physical survey & inspection to identify electrical hazards to suggest electrical safety solutions.
  • Inspection & Review of the Plant's Lightning Protection System (Guidance on the need, adequacy, installation and maintenance).
  • Inspection & Review of any Electricity Hazards in the plant operations.
  • Inspection & Review of hazardous area classification and selection of flameproof electrical equipment in the plant, including maintenance aspects.
  • Review of the Electrical Preventive Maintenance of the Electrical Installations. (Including documented test reports of the Transformer, HT/LT Panel, Relays, Earthing system etc).
  • Review of any electrical failures or accidents to identify the root causes.
  • Review of the importance given to electrical safety in the company safety policy, safety committee, continuous electrical risk identification, etc.
  • Assessing & Reviewing the insulation quality of cables by carrying out insulation resistance tests on a sample basis.
  • Assessing & Review of the earthing system by carrying out earth resistance tests on a sample basis.
  • Identifying areas of Overloading by carrying out Current Load Measurements & reviewing it against Cable Current Carrying Capacity Calculation.
The Process :
  • Pre-Audit Questionnaire
  • Audit
  • Physical Inspection
  • Tests
  • Discussion
  • Document review
  • Management Briefing
  • Draft Report Submission
  • Final Report Submission
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