Transformer Overhauling

Transformer Overhauling

Overhauling of a Transformer is recommended every 5 years for 1-3MVA Transformer & every 7 Years for 3MVA and above rating Transformer as per the IS 2026 & IEEE Standards. The basic purpose of Transformer overhauling is to assess the internal parts of transformer & replace the worn out/damaged parts to increase transformers life & performance.

  • Retightening of clamp structure & Washing of core coil assembly by fresh oil.
  • Cleaning of the core coil assembly and removal of sludge impurities to avoid hotspots in the core and the windings.
  • Removal of moisture from oil to prevent deterioration of the cellulose insulation and monitoring the Degree of Polymerisation (DP) of Paper
  • Improvement in the insulation parameters like polarisation index (PI) & Tan Delta.
  • Functional checking of supervisory devices like Buchholz relay, PRV, OSR, MOG, OTI, WTI etc. Overhauling of OLTC/OCTC, Fans, Pumps etc.
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